Take beautiful waterfall photos in 8 easy steps

  1. Shoot on a cloudy day or around sunrise/sunset
  2. Steady your camera on a rock, wall, beanie bag or tripod
  3. Switch OFF any vibration reduction function on your lens while it is on a tripod
  4. Use Aperture Priority at f/16
  5. Set ISO to 100
  6. Focus on a rock in the waterfall or next to it. (If you cannot move the focal point, set the AF-area mode to Single Point Focus)
  7. Use a polarizer if you have one. Find a highly reflecting wet area and turn the polarizer to reduce the glare
  8. Set the self timer to 2 sec or use a remote and take the shot


Tip: Always check the sharpness of the picture by zooming in on the LCD before walking away!


Wait! That's still not what I wanted!

Don't worry, help is at hand!
Try the first step and if needed add the next one
But, the water does not really look silky!  You will need to reach a longer shutter speed. Do this:
Now the water is silky but the rest of the photo is really bright!
My picture is not sharp! Either the camera moved or the subject moved.
Now my picture is sharp but the water is not silky any more! 
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