9 steps to stunning night city photos

  1. Shoot in the evening and ideally on a weekday for most city lights to be on
  2. Use Bluehoursite to determine the sunset time for your location. 10-15 min after sunset the sky gets colourful, after that it turns deep blue (blue hour)

  3. Put your camera on a tripod, a wall, a beanie bag, or anything else to keep it still

  4. Switch OFF vibration reduction / image stabilization on your lens while it is on a tripod

  5. Use Aperture priority at f/8 if everything is far, use f/16 if you also have a foreground element (this also gives a nice starburst effect for the lights)

  6. Set ISO to 100

  7. Set White Balance to Tungsten

  8. Focus on a spot with high contrast between bright and dark, like a lit window or a neon sign. (If you cannot move the focal point, set the AF-area mode to Single Point Focus)

  9. Set self timer to 2 sec or use a remote to take the shot


Tip: Choose a day with clouds in the sky! As long as it's not completely overcast, they may create stunning sunsets


Wait! That's still not what I wanted!

Don't worry, help is at hand!
Try the first step and if needed add the next one
These colors look strange!

My buildings are not sharp! Either your focus is not spot on or your camera moved. Try this:
The whole picture is too dark
The city looks good but my sky is way too bright!
Now my sky looks fine but the buildings got too dark!
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