Natural forest photos in 8 quick steps

  1. Shoot at Golden Hour (first hour after sunrise / last hour before sunset). Use Golden Hour Calculator to determine the exact times for your location
  2. Steady your camera on a tripod, rock, wall or beanie bag
  3. Shoot at the widest angle you have to get more into the frame
  4. Use Aperture Priority Mode at f/16
  5. Start with ISO 100
  6. Set your white balance to cloudy
  7. Focus on the first tree in the foreground
  8. Set the self timer to 2 sec or use a remote to take the shot


Tip: Shoot in the morning to catch mist and due, at midday for the canopy and in the evening for soft light.
Another Tip: Leaves tend to move easily, so zoom into your photo to make sure it's not shaken.

Wait! That's still not what I wanted!

Don't worry, Help is at hand!

Try the first step and if needed add the next one

The trees are shaken!


The green does not look natural!


My whole photo is way too bright!


The trees look fine but my sky is too bright!


Now the sky is fine but the trees look too dark!


This composition is not doing it!